• Catherine DePasquale

New Website, New Look

I don't go for censoring. So when my old web hosting service began censoring other websites, jumping on the cancel culture band wagon, I decided to move my site. So far, I'm happy with my new home. I've designed the site myself, trying to give it a new look, yet keeping with the old feel. I tend to get bored easily, so don't be surprised if you see changes in the future. But, the main goal of my site is to have a place for my readers to go to explore my books and read my blog. I like blogging, so I hope to keep up the practice.

Throughout this last year of lock downs, furloughs, and quarantines, I have had a lot of time to reflect on my writing career. During that time I considered throwing in the towel, but after much prayer and discernment, I've decided to carry on with some major changes in attitude and expectation.

My fifth book is just about ready for the editor. It was a real struggle to finish for reasons I will share with you in the future. But Book Two of The Danvers Historical Series will see the light of day, after all.

Stay tuned.