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Bridget Landry’s stable world is falling apart. Everyone around her is growing and changing, leaving her feeling alienated and alone. When her best friend, Mark Beaumont, is ordained a Catholic priest, Bridget mourns the end of their close friendship. Adding to her anxiety is the return of Mark’s older brother, Philip, who left home to pursue a career in advertising. Overwhelmed by guilt for losing contact with Philip, who provided stability during her difficult childhood, Bridget now finds herself in a spiritual crisis. A chance encounter with another parish priest starts Bridget on a road of self-discovery. Fighting a deep feeling of abandonment, and with the help of her new spiritual director, she begins searching for God’s call in her own life. But what is God calling her to do, and how does Philip fit into God’s plan for her? Soon Bridget will discover that change doesn’t always mean instability and life is filled with endings—and beginnings.


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