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The Restoration of Michael Danvers


Chicago, 1940


Michael Danvers is the newly-hired attorney of a major law firm. He is a rational man, dealing in facts and evidence. He is also an atheist, losing his faith as a teenager during the Scopes trial of 1925. With the aftereffects of World War I and the Crash of 1929 all around him, Michael is certain that God can’t exist. Haunted by the death of the woman he loves, and troubled by the daily reports of another war in Europe, Michael knows that no loving God would let His people suffer. When Faye Metcalfe, a legal secretary and devout Catholic, volunteers to help him with an important court case, everything Michael believes is suddenly challenged. For the first time in years, he wonders if he might be wrong about God. He also wonders if he might be wrong about something else—that his only chance at love was buried six years ago.



Bridget Landry’s stable world is falling apart. Everyone around her is growing and changing, leaving her feeling alienated and alone. When her best friend, Mark Beaumont, is ordained a Catholic priest, Bridget mourns the end of their close friendship. Adding to her anxiety is the return of Mark’s older brother, Philip, who left home to pursue a career in advertising. Overwhelmed by guilt for losing contact with Philip, who provided stability during her difficult childhood, Bridget now finds herself in a spiritual crisis. A chance encounter with another parish priest starts Bridget on a road of self-discovery. Fighting a deep feeling of abandonment, and with the help of her new spiritual director, she begins searching for God’s call in her own life. But what is God calling her to do, and how does Philip fit into God’s plan for her? Soon Bridget will discover that change doesn’t always mean instability and life is filled with endings—and beginnings.



Mackenzie Radcliffe is a mortician by trade. She also has a personal mission—to aid the holy souls in Purgatory. One day, while preparing a body for burial, she is drawn into a spiritual connection with its soul. A veil is lifted, leading her down a path of discovery. What she is about to uncover will reveal a dark secret buried long ago. But what is behind the revelation, and who is leading her—God, or one of His dark angels?


A Future Spring


High school teacher Ginny Dalton is running from a painful past. Emotionally scarred by an abusive ex-husband, she is searching for a peace she can’t seem to find. Detective Scott James is struggling with his own painful past. Abandoned by his wife after a life-threatening injury, he now finds himself cautious, guarding his feelings. When a violent incident breaks out at Ginny’s school, she and Scott are suddenly face-to-face. Can two wounded souls leave the past behind and take a chance on a new beginning?


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