Update on My Knitting Project

Yesterday I received the second shipment (yarn and patterns) for my sampler knit afghan.


The good news is that I am almost finished with last month’s blocks. I really didn’t think I could keep up the pace, but I did. The bad news is the next three squares are definitely more difficult than the first three. I’m now going to have to count and use markers and all that fun stuff. I am not totally new to knitting. I’ve made socks in the past and a few scarves, but they were all pretty simple patterns. This is a little more challenging.

But I am up for the challenge.

I have really worked hard these last two weeks to get myself up to speed, and I’ve already noticed a difference in my knitting skills. The main problem I have is making time. Vocation is updated and on sale again, so at least that’s one less thing on my plate.

This weekend I should be able to finish my third block and move on to the next three. By the way, If you’re picking up this series of posts in mid-stream, here is the original post that explains more of my knitting project.

And just a side note, for any avid crocheters out there who would like to learn to knit, but can’t seem to grasp it, try the Continental method over the English. I had a serious breakthrough when I switched. Here is an article that explains the difference.

More updates in a few weeks.

Catherine DePasquale