This Simple Thing Changed My Life

We live in a chaotic world. We also live in a dark, nihilistic world. It seems death, hate, and destruction is all around us, and if we allow it, we can be consumed by the negativity.

A few weeks ago, I was reading a health and wellness book. I’ve been trying to focus more on my health—exercise and eating better. It has been a life-long struggle for me, and my ongoing battle with a chronic illness only makes things harder, but I’ve been trying to focus more on feeding my body (and my soul) with all good things.

Well, one piece of advice the author of this book gives her readers is to notice one beautiful thing every day. It seems like a small thing, but it has changed my life. I have taken her advice seriously over the past few weeks, and if we are open to it, there is beauty to be found all around us.

I’ll admit, at first, I had to search to find something beautiful every day, but once I changed my focus, I began to see beauty all around me. I no longer have to search, beauty seems to just find me now. I am sure, it was always there. I was just too distracted and unfocused to notice.

We all know life passes quickly, and I’ve taken inventory on how I am using the time God has granted me. Searching out and finding beauty each day is a small thing I can do to show my gratitude to the Author of Life.

If we take the time to notice, we will see His handiwork is amazing.

Photo by  Chris Barbalis  on  Unsplash