The Trouble with Danvers

I liked the sound--Danvers.

Michael Danvers was a minor character in Corruptible, the novella included at the end of Incorruptible. After I wrote that novella, I was intrigued by the character, and I wanted to find out what happened to him, so that is how The Restoration of Michael Danvers was written.

I had so much fun writing Michael’s novel, I decided to continue writing about his family, which led to the idea of creating a series. Not only does Michael have a large family, they happen to live during an interesting time in U.S. history. So the Danvers Historical Series was born.

Like I said, when I first wrote about Michael, he was a minor character in Corruptible, and even before that, he was just a name in a newspaper article in Incorruptible. I don’t remember why I chose Michael, but I do remember how I chose Danvers.

Now there is a little trouble with Danvers.

First, the name Danvers has popped up a few times since I chose it. Carol Danvers is also known as Captain Marvel. Kara Danvers is Supergirl on the WBs series of the same name. I was oblivious to two superheroes named Danvers, and that’s not where Michael got his name.

Now I’m thinking of titles for Book Two of the series, and The Danvers Sisters is the most obvious. The story focuses on Michael’s older sister Clara, but his younger sister, Louise, has a subplot. But I can’t use The Danvers Sisters because that already exists. The Danvers Sisters are well-known as Kara and Alex Danvers on Supergirl, so I am now forced to come up with a more creative title.

So where did the name Danvers really come from? It came from Mrs. Danvers, the antagonist of Daphne du Maurier's 1938 novel, Rebecca.

Selznick International Pictures [Public domain]

Selznick International Pictures [Public domain]

Catherine DePasquale