Pro-Choice Is Becoming a Fallacy

You may have heard the news, then again you may have not because it hasn’t been reported in the main stream media, but Pinterest has permanently suspended the account of Live Action, a pro-life organization.

First Pinterest blocked Live Action by placing them on a pornography domain blacklist, meaning Pinterest users could not create pins that link directly to Live Action’s website. Then after Live Action appealed, Pinterest permanently banned the organization from their platform.

There is more.

Pinterest is also accused of blocking searches relating to Christian words and subjects.

This is just the latest in a series of liberal platforms trying to silence conservatives (and more accurately pro-lifers).

So, what can we make of this?

A few things.

First, the pro-life movement is gaining momentum. The science is behind us.

Second, the pro-choice movement is trying desperately to hide the truth and needs to silence those opposed to abortion.

Third, and most important, the pro-choice label is becoming a fallacy. Maybe it always was. But bullying your opponent and silencing them is not pro-choice. Why? Because if you are truly pro-choice, you would allow the freedom of information. Trying to shut down and banning those opposed to your views is anything but pro-choice. If you truly believe it is a woman’s right to choose, why are you denying her right to receive all the information she needs to make an informed choice?

The answer is, there is something more sinister going on. Truth is being suppressed and conservatives are being targeted because of their beliefs.


I’ve deleted my Pinterest account. To me, the platform isn’t worth my time, especially now, knowing the depths they will go to to silence those who oppose their political agenda.

And what about the pro-life and pro-choice labels? I think we should go back to the originals—anti-abortion and pro-abortion. I have no problem telling the world that I am anti-abortion, anti-euthanasia, and anti-death penalty. Let’s call things what they really are. And those who still want to call themselves pro-choice will need to make their own choice. Choose a side: anti-abortion or pro-abortion.

There are really only two sides.

We are in a culture war likened to our country’s Civil War. Our ancestors had to choose sides then just as we have to now. You were either pro-slavery or anti-slavery. To be pro-choice during the Civil War would have meant being complicit in the slave trade. There was no such thing as pro-choice. Those in power made the choices, not the slaves.

History repeats itself once again.

Slaves do not choose slavery just as unborn children do not choose abortion.