My Advice to Pro-Lifers on Social Media

It happens. More often than not, when I post a pro-life meme, thought, or message on social media, I get challenged. Usually, someone who claims to be pro-choice throws some overused rhetoric at me to try to educate me. So how can we handle these unwarranted comments and insults?

Here is some advice I can offer when dealing with angry pro-choice people.


1. Always be kind. I admit, I can get upset when people who don’t know me try to paint me as someone I am not. Yes, there is a lot of pride in me, and I take insults to heart sometimes. But before I answer an insult with an insult, I stop and say a prayer. Usually, that brings back some humility and my response can be kinder and unemotional.

2. Always keep in mind your real audience—those you are trying to inform and the unborn children you are fighting for. One of my favorite quotes comes from St. Bernadette Soubirous: “My job is to inform not convince.” The truth is there are people who will never change their minds or their hearts, those who will continue to fight for the “right” to kill unborn children, those who will deny the brutality of the abortion procedure, those who will deny the humanity of the fetus and call him a parasite, those who even deny a beating heart on an ultrasound. My job isn’t to reach those people. Only God can truly change their hearts. My job is to reach people who are willing and open to hearing the truth, those whose hearts have not been hardened.

3. Always remember you are fighting a battle, and expect to stand alone. It is truly a spiritual battle between good and evil, and you need to stand alone sometimes—without support from your online friends—people who you know believe in the right to life, yet remain silent. But remember you are not alone—not really. You have your angel, the saints, Our Blessed Mother, and God with you. Yes, God, the Author of life, is on your side, and as St. Paul writes, “If God is for us, who can be against us?” (Romans 8:31)

4. Keep in mind the words of St. Pope John Paul II, “Be not afraid.”

5. Finally, your social media platform is yours. If you need to, block trolls. Don’t engage. There is nothing wrong with unfriending and banning people who are only looking for a fight. Your page is yours, and your experience on social media is what you make of it.