Four Things I've Learned From Donald Trump

These are the top four things I have learned from President Donald Trump. There are other lessons to be learned, but I find these the most important. You can certainly disagree with me, but for the last few years I have observed our President and the country’s reaction to him, and these four stand out to me.

1) Keep on going. No matter what people say about him, Donald Trump keeps on going. He stands tall against adversity, and he comes out of each outrage unscathed. That’s a good lesson for all of us—keep on going and ignore the outrages.

2) Learn to rely on yourself. Whether you believe we are a country of fake news or not, Donald Trump does, and instead of relying on the mainstream media to report on him and his staff, he decided early on to take matters into his own hands and provide the American people with his own way of communication. Whether you agree with his use (or misuse) of Twitter doesn’t really matter. President Trump has decided to use it, and he’s not giving it up. So, the lesson here is to do your own thing, even if it goes against the grain.

3) Trust your instincts. This is an important lesson we can all learn from the President. He trusts his gut, and he usually comes out on top. Sure, he’s had setbacks, but he follows his instincts, and so far, he’s been a pretty successful president his first two years in office.

4) Be an original. Donald Trump certainly is an original. I don’t think anyone can argue with that. He has people so disoriented by his originality that he can’t really be compared to any other president in history. That too is a lesson for us all—don’t follow the crowd—be an original.

Are there other lessons we can learn from Donald Trump? There are, and some I would classify as negative, but all others are trumped (I couldn’t resist) by #4—be an original.