A Lost Story

I was doing some spring cleaning last week and stumbled upon some old notebooks. Hidden among the pages of one was this hand-written sheet of paper. I honestly don’t remember writing it, and I haven’t a clue where the idea even came from. But it is the beginning of a story, and I know it’s mine because I recognize my handwriting and my writing style. I also know it dates way before A Future Spring.

It’s kind of interesting, first that I wrote it and don’t remember it, and second, that I kept it. It’s also interesting that I found it now. I need a little distance from Book Two of the Danvers series, and this could be the distraction I need.

I’m going to think about these few paragraphs I wrote years ago and see if I can develop them into a short story. It has an interesting premise, and with a little nurturing it could actually become another novel.