02 April 2019

Mueller (Not That One)

The Kindle version of Vocation will be free next month, right before Mother's Day. This will be the last time this year any of my books will be free.

I've chosen to offer Vocation free for Mother's Day because one of the themes that runs through the novel is spiritual motherhood. The protagonist of the novel, Bridget Landry, struggles with several things throughout the novel. I won't post any spoilers here, but one of her struggles is knowing whether or not she is really loved. 

The book is important to me for many reasons, and the hero of the book is an unlikely hero--a Catholic priest who becomes Bridget's spiritual director. I named Bridget's priest Ed Mueller. 

Mueller. Yes, I know.

The name Mueller has been relentlessly in the news for the last 2 years because of former FBI Director and Special Counsel, Robert Mueller. Do I regret my decision to name Bridget's priest Ed Mueller? Hmm, kind of, but not really because of whom he is really named after. 

My character is named for a real priest (Blessed Eduard Müller) who was martyred by the Nazi's in 1943. He along with three other clergymen are known as the Lübeck Martyrs. You can read about them here. 

Blessed Eduard Müller, Lubeck Martyr

I modified my priest's name to, more or less, Americanize it, which now brings me to the pronunciation. Father Ed Mueller pronounces his name Myuler (like the German) as in mule, not Muller as to mull something over. 

Keep that in mind when you read Vocation.

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