01 March 2019

The Road to Perdition, A Response to the Blocked Senate Vote to Protect Abortion Survivors

I went to bed sobbing that night. I am not exaggerating. I heard the news that our Democratic senators had blocked the vote on the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act that would ensure a baby born during an abortion would receive medical care. I am overly emotional, I guess.

I went to bed sobbing after hearing the testimony of a pro-life advocate and nurse, Jill Stanek, talk about a baby boy born alive after a botched abortion, and how she held this child until he passed away. His only offense? He had Down syndrome and wasn't wanted.

I was so distraught, I couldn't think. I wanted to pray for the children who have been, yet again, sentenced to death, but I couldn't. I was too overcome with grief to even pray. Yes, I am overly emotional.

Then the next day, I asked myself . . . 

How did we come to this place? How did abortion turn the corner from safe, legal, and rare to infanticide? 

Well, abortion has never been safe and rare. That's the lie we tell ourselves. The statistics prove it is much more common than we want to believe. Over 60 million abortions have been performed since Roe V. Wade. SIXTY MILLION lives taken. Let's put that into perspective. It is estimated that worldwide the casualties of the Second World War are between 70-85 million. Yes, we are waging a war against the unborn.

How did we get here after everything our veterans have sacrificed to defend life and liberty?

The answer is step by bloody step.


We have become complacent and uncaring as a nation.

We have become a people who have forgotten our history.

We are now science deniers.

We are the ME culture, oblivious to the lives and suffering of babies.

And we have become Lucifer--we think we are like God.

Oh, I know, I'm overly emotional. I'm being dramatic. After all, it's a woman's right to choose.

So, where is the hope in all this?

Well, we can hope that the people of this nation have a conversion of heart. We can hope that they awaken and see the truth. We can hope that they stop being complicit in the killing of the innocents. We can hope that they stop voting for politicians who think letting a baby die alone and unloved is perfectly acceptable. Yes, we can hope.

But the true hope is where it has always been--in God's hands, the true Author of Life. And until we, as a nation, recognize Him, we will continue down this road to perdition. 

These are the names to remember when we vote in 2020.

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