14 March 2019

A Catholic Menorah?

I just acquired this menorah. 

It's a long story, but my husband was moving some books for a religious sister, and I went along to help him. She is moving to a smaller apartment and has to downsize. As we were about to leave with a box of books to take to a local library, the sister asked if I wanted a menorah that was sitting on the empty bookshelf. 

Well, she didn't have to ask me twice. I love religious items, and I jumped at the chance to take it off her hands. She then told me it was given to her by a Jewish family. I'm not sure why she told me, but since she volunteered the information, I'll take her at her word.

You'll notice my new menorah has seven branches and seven lamps and not nine branches with nine lamps like those used for Hanukkah celebrations.

So what is the difference? Well, here is a link for a quick explanation of the two.

Here is a closeup of mine.

There is a depiction of the Pieta at the bottom, with the crucified Christ above it. The menorah is adorned with the Stations of the Cross. So, I guess this particular menorah is for Catholics. I've never seen anything quite like it, and it really raised my interest. I did a little research and came across this book. So I ordered myself a used copy to read more about this Jewish symbol and how it has been passed down through the ages. 

Mine now sits on our bookcase near a portrait of Our Blessed Mother. 

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